Produced by Monique Brumby.

For a limited time only, Terese’s new single, Solitary Girl (a semi-finalist in the UK Song Contest 2018) can be heard on the site-wide music player below. A contemporary country song about a girl losing a loved one told through the eyes of a friend.


"Well written and great lyrics tackling a big issue in the world today."

Jeff from Tamar Valley Country Radio on new single release Quiet Boy - 10 July 2017.


 “Her voice haunted me. Part of the thing about the song is her vocal was so beautiful and it worked so well with the sentiment of the song that I think that I actually was drawn to her vocal as much as I was to the song. She really touched me with the sound and the emotion in her voice!” 

Allan Rich, international hit songwriter and two-time Grammy, Academy and Golden Globes Awards nominee, talking about Terese's song called Bare (1st track of Five Shades of Me EP) on - 16 May 2013

“When I got to chat with Terese, I found out that the source of her songs tells a really important Australian story.”

Ryk Goddard, ABC Hobart 936 Breakfast Radio Presenter - 29 May 2013



NEW SINGLE NOW AVAILABLE ON ITUNES (click on photo to direct you to iTunes)

NEW SINGLE NOW AVAILABLE ON ITUNES (click on photo to direct you to iTunes)

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