"Her voice haunted me. Part of the thing about the song is her vocal was so beautiful and it worked so well with the sentiment of the song that I think that I actually was drawn to her vocal as much as I was to the song. She really touched me with the sound and the emotion in her voice.”  Allan Rich, two-time Grammy, Academy Awards and Golden Globes nominee who wrote Run To You by Whitney Houston from The Bodyguard 16/5/2013

Terese Millhouse is an international songwriter and singer from Tasmania who's music styles include pop, country, rock, singer/songwriter and hip hop. Terese's musical influences include  Adele, Ed Sheeran, Sia, Miranda Lambert, Gina Jeffreys, Beccy Cole, Sarah McLachlan, Amy Shark, 360 and Diane Warren. Terese lives by her saying: Music Is Love is Life.

Terese has worked with many artists and songwriters including ARIA-award winning singer/songwriter/producer Monique Brumby, grammy-winning international songwriter, Alan Roy Scott, Universal Music singer/songwriter, Jude Elliot, Tasmania singer/songwriter, Martin O’Brien, and many other up and coming songwriters and artists locally and overseas.

Terese's song Only Pretend (not yet released) was a finalist in the 2016 Australian Independent Music Awards in the Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter Category. This was a huge recognition for an independent artist in Australia.  Another recent songwriting achievement included Terese's song Tear Me Away (not yet released) finishing in the Top 5 in the Pop Category of the Song of the Year 2015 3rd songwriting contest.

Terese's song A Girl and Her Soldier was signed to Canadian American Records and released on their Radio MIDEM Album in January 2012.  The song reached No. 8 on The Music Review's Top 40 Independent Country Song chart in May 2012.  A Girl and Her Soldier was also a semi-finalist in the UK Song Contest 2011.  Terese's other success has been with her song Love Has Gone that she co-wrote with Diane S Nelson from Boston, which was signed with music publisher LHM (Linnette Harrigen Media) in New York.  Love Has Gone also finished as a semi-finalist in the UK Song Contest for 2012.

Bare was also selected in hit songwriter Allan Rich's Top 12 songs out of 150 songs that were submitted through for a chance to co-write with him. Allan is a two-time Grammy, Academy Awards and Golden Globes nominee who wrote Run To You by Whitney Houston from The Bodyguard, among many others.

Terese continues to write daily and record her own songs as well as cowrite with other artists and songwriters to broaden her catagolue. 

Terese's most recent song release in 2017, Quiet Boy, was the result of a collaboration with local Tasmanian artist, Martin O'Brien.  It is a duet dealing with the very relevant issue of bullying and the terrible repercussions that the world has seen from bullying.  Martin and Terese continue to collaborate and hope to release an album of their work soon.

Loving A Soldier - Interview on ABC 936 radio