EP done and dusted! Released around 1 May 2013!

 Hello everyone!  I am so happy to annouce that all my songs are finished and I have just ordered the physical copies of the CD that will be delivered in a couple of weeks, plus had the EP distributed digitally to all major online music stores, including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify!  So the official release when all websites should have them up and running will be around 1 May 2013!

You can now listen to, purchase and download the digital album on this website on the home page and coming soon will be the physical CDs!

So here is a little bit of information about the EP and the story behind it and each song.  The EP is called Five Shades of Me.  There are five songs on the EP that each have a story and reflect on an emotion that I experienced at those points in my life.  The five shades are what I have used on the design of my EP cover:

1. Bare (purple) - a story about being hurt by an emotional trauma and losing the ability to love, and hitting rock bottom.  Reflects on pain, hurt, emotionally bruised and having nothing left.  This personally was about myself hitting rock bottom in the middle of 2012 after going through long term high stress levels and trying to help my husband who was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) (in Dec 2011), anxiety and depression (in 2010).  I only wrote this song in the last couple of months.

2. I'm In Love With You Now (red) - a story about how my husband and I first met and our feelings grew even though a friend of mine also liked him back then.  Reflects on love and wanting.  I wrote this song about a year ago.

3. On The Other Side (black) - a story about loss of a relationship from the point of view of the person who left, and the relationship was cut short unexpectedly. Reflects on loss and sorrow.

4. Take A Breath (yellow) - this song is about remembering to stop and take a breath when things get a bit overwhelming, to look inside yourself and bring out the light within, to breathe and bring calmness.  I wrote this song not long after I hit rock bottom and needed something to remind myself of these things.

5. A Soldier's Wife (green) - a story of a wife observing her husband after he had been overseas in a war zone and now experiencing PTSD, and the effects it had on him and the family.  My husband wanted me to write this song as a way of expressing what we and he have been going through.  I also wrote this song just over a year ago.  It is a follow up to my original song called A Girl and Her Soldier, which was more about the love and longing of two people separated while the soldier went off to war.

So there you have it peeps! A brief run-down of my EP and what each song and colour means.  I hope you like the songs, and show your support by buying them and telling all your friends and family about them!  There is at least one song on the album that everyone will love!!  I have attached the EP front and back cover to the blog, and all the songs are available to listen to on the website audio player!!

Peace out!

Music is Love is Life!!

Five Shades of Me - Front and Back Cover

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