One more to go!

 Hi all!  Well its been a view weeks since my last blog but I have been busy writing and re-writing and recording the last song for my EP (and I started back on my day job at the beginning of Feb!).  I have made a creative change to the line-up and swapped the heavy rock song called End of Me with my very newest original song called Bare.  The heavy rock song is a contrast in genre to the rest of the songs on the EP (pop rock) and wanted to keep consistency with the genre in the one EP, which will help when pitching and marketing the EP!

I have been recording and getting feedback for my song Bare and hope to have it sent off to Tony, the sound engineer very shortly.  I'll also do a little video for it soon too!

Apologies that my newsletters has been few and far between but that is mainly because I'm doing it all myself and trying to find time between family, work and songwriting, the admin doesn't always get done!

In other news I have also been working on other projects and co-writes: with my friend Adam Maxfield in the UK; a fellow songwriter I met through SongU who lives in Launceston, Steve Hyde (helping him with the music to his musical theatre project!); a co-write with my lovely singing teacher and very talented singer/songwriter Jude Elliot; and I hope to start a new co-write soon with another lyricist I met through SongU who lives in Chicago, James Hancock!

So take care of yourselves and I'll let everyone know as soon as I can officially release the EP YEY!!

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