Remembering My Love For Performing!

In the last three years, since I started writing and recording again, I felt quite content with being the songwriter and not the performer, to the point of being anxious by even thinking about performing!  I was happy for other people to sing my songs.  And yet I still felt that I wanted to release an EP as the singer-songwriter so that I could say I did it, and I have now achieved that!!  And until the 1st May I was still happy just to be the songwriter and not the performer.

Now for people that know me, my family in particular, this is rather unusual.  I used to perform all the time in choirs, for school, in church, with my mother busking and performing concerts, and I loved it! I used to play the piano and sing without even thinking about it! I loved how it made me feel and how I made others feel!  Somewhere in the last 10 years I had forgotten that and stopped being true to that part of me.  I have no idea why, I was experiencing new things in life and new loves and that was what I was doing, certainly not a bad thing.  But to not want to perform and having to think about playing the piano and sing at the same time, was to the point of anxiety!  Even during my singing lessons I struggled with it! And yet I had no second thoughts about releasing my own EP as the artist!!   And so now I have my EP to thank, because since the release on 1st May 2013, I started receiving requests for me to perform, and it was the most exciting thing I have felt in a long time, even amongst a very difficult time in my personal life.  I decided that there was no time like the present, people wanted to hear me sing so I was going to do that for them!

In my preparations and practicing, I have remembered how easy it used to be.  It was like riding a bike!  I sat down at the piano and started to play all the old songs from the 90s that I used to play on repeat, like Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx, or The Day You Went Away by Wendy Matthews!! And now I am teaching myself the current songs like Someone Like You by Adele, or Stay by Rihanna (all amazing ballads of course!), and now my own songs!!  It had been a 15 year 360 degree turn, but I have remembered and returned to my roots!  I had such a great time performing at The Haven for all the mums and bubs, and I now have two more gigs coming up this week at The Shoreline and Flourish Handmade Markets .  I am also about to start making phone calls and visiting venues and entertainment booking agencies to expand my gig opportunities, with the aim to do my passion full time!  It is a very exciting prospect!

I have also just bought myself (on special) a very portable small PA system so that I can perform anywhere!  The mixer fits in the back of one of the speakers and the chords/leads fit in the back of the other!  I'm on my way baby haha!!!

So this post will give people an insight into my past and current situation.  All of it has all led me to where and who I am today.  I obviously wasn't ready to explore this earlier in my life. Things are happening as they should be now, for a reason.

Thanks for reading! 

Music is love is life!

Terese Millhouse

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  • Franny


    Lovely blog, darling. Good to hear you being so positive and renewing your passion for performing.

    Lovely blog, darling. Good to hear you being so positive and renewing your passion for performing.

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