The Week That Was!

This has been such an accomplishing week for me with a lot happening!

It started with moving house which, as everyone would know, is a huge effort and stress...but I got through it and feel reasonably settled in my little sanctuary once I set up my home studio with a view! 

I have also been battling a viral inner ear infection so every now and again throughout this week I've had dizzy spells and aches!!  Then on Wednesday morning at 6.35am I was interviewed on ABC Radio Hobart 936 Breakfast Show with Ryk Goddard, about my EP Fives Shades of Me and the story behind the songs and my experiences with dealing with my husband's post traumatic stress disorder from serving overseas in Iraq.  You can hear the whole interview and read a small article entitled 'Loving A Soldier'  here .

I shared the interview with a number of Facebook pages and Groups relating to support for Australian Peacekeepers, return servicemen and partners of veterans, and from that I was invited to have an article written about me in The Australian Peacekeeper magazine in their September issue! On Thursday the viral infection sprung again and I had a very tired struggle day, with only a day away from performing at Shoreline Hotel!  After getting in a few practices I got myself all dressed up and ready to perform at Shoreline on a beautiful polished wooden grand piano!

I really enjoyed myself playing for the patrons who were enjoying a delicious meal, and I received some lovely comments.  I will be going back to sing at Shoreline about once a month which is exciting for me!

Saturday was a quiet day musically, I spent the day/night having mummy/daughter time with Eleanor.  We went to the park while friends and Eleanor's dad went orienteering...the new Saturday social gathering, following by drinks (and a bubbacino)!

On Sunday I had a lovely time performing during the Flourish Handmade Markets at my own stall!

        Doin' my thing!                                                                 My 'stall' at the markets!                                                   Eleanor (my daughter) playing for the crowd!

I sang on and off for four hours which is a huge feat, for me anyway!  It was just like a rehearsal really as market patrons browsed around at the other stalls while I sang!  I received some lovely comments as well, and although I only sold one EP, I was asked if my music could be the background music for a slideshow of the stalls showcasing Flourish Handmade Markets on the 'Think Tasmania' website!  This website receives over 400,000 hits a year and they have a newsletter that circulates to 2000 people a week so this will be AMAZING exposure for my music!  'Think Tasmania' researches and promotes all things Tasmanian!  Thank you to Tania and Gavin of Think Tasmania for the opportunity!

I have also just received the current June issue of the Hobart Mums Network monthly newsletter, and it features my last music blog entry as an article!  You can have a read of it here, click on the June issue and go to Page 5!  It outlines an important and close personal issue about raising awareness for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) earlier and targeting the younger veterans who are having issues.  In saying that, I have made a small contribution to the cause by creating a space on my website for a forum discussion board for return servicemen and their partners, families and friends who want to share their story about being touched by PTSD.

And now I have an exciting announcement thanks to modern technology!  I have my very own Android and iPhone/iPad App!!  It is free and downloadable from my Reverbnation website here (access website via your Smart Phone).  On the App you can hear my music, view photos and videos and other features, all from the ease of your Smart Phone device!!  It isn't available to download in the iTunes store as that costs a lot of money to register it with them.  So feel free to share the website for the App with your friends and family!

And that brings me to writing this blog today!  So it has been a full-on week!  My next goal will be to gain some media and music industry reviews for my EP, which will help to gain credit for me and my songs, and also to book some more gigs!  I'll eventually get back to songwriting again but I am enjoying the ride too much of promoting my music!

Signing off - Music Is Love Is Life!!

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    Excellent blog Da. x.o.

    Excellent blog Da. x.o.

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