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  1. Bare
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EP: Five Shades of Me (Track 1); Written and performed by Terese Millhouse; Sound Engineer: Tony Sayer, Megatone Productions



Verse 1
Don't look at me, your eyes are too kind to look at me
Your lips, your lips are too soft to kiss me
These tears, these tears down my face that your hand
Your hand, your hand dries away

And I'm bare, I'm bare, I'm raw and naked
I have nothing left to give
I'm bare, I'm bare, I'm cold and broken
This is me, this is me, this is the real me

Verse 2
In my mind, these visions are haunting my mind
Look deep, look deep in my soul you will find
These scars, these scars from a loss long ago
Long ago, when my love fell to the floor


I'm tired of fighting with these demons inside my head
They've worn me down and now there's nothing left
And though my heart is numb you haven't run away
You hold me close and say you're not afraid

Chorus repeat twice to finish